Dominic about his



Wolfgang Thiem

How can you spend so much time together with your Dad? That’s quite simple: we get along extremely well. He has tremendously improved as a coach, his specialty is the technique of tennis, he keeps a close eye on my strokes. We hardly ever have an argument. Something that is truly positive: we both have our freedom, my Dad never pretends to be the “I-know-it-all-guy“ …

Wolfgang Thiem has been in charge of all athletic aspects since June 2019

Nicolas Massu

As a player he made history by winning two gold medals at the Olympics, as a coach he continues his path. He is an excellent tactician, he perfectly analyses opponents and matches. We cooperate on the same level. He is not just my coach, but also a true friend. He is loyal and honest.

The Chilean has been Dominic´s coach since February 2019

Alex Stober

He has magic hands, he knows my body inside out. Alex is considered a genius amongst physical therapists, he has been on the tour seemingly forever and was responsible for incredible performance improvements of many superstar players. If Alex treats you intensively after a long match, you will recover quickly.

The German has been working with Dominic since December 2015

Duglas Cordero

He is a cult and brash character! He is a fun guy, positive and ambitious. His cheers from the player’s box are legendary. The conditioning sessions with Duglas are a lot of fun. Sprints on the beach of Miami with a chute attached to your back – or throwing rocks in the mountains. His creativity seems endless.

The Cuban has been in charge of Dominics conditioning program since April 2019

Mike Reinprecht

He used to work with stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he won the Austrian soccer league with the club “GAK“ for the first time. Mike monitors all of my data, he takes care of perfect work-out sessions. I trust him unconditionally, we have been working together for years.

The Styrian has been monitoring and responsible for Dominic's physical fitness since December 2013


Karin Thiem

She is more than just my Mom. No matter what time it is – I can always call her. She takes care of my flights and hotel reservations and other important matters in the background. She backs me up, does a lot of work and she plays a major role in all important decisions.

Mom keeps the clan together at all times

Lucas Leitner

It’s like a kitschy dream! We grew up together, played in the backyard and share lots of childhood memories. A true friend since we were kids, who also tags along on tour for several weeks each year. At tournaments Lucas often organizes my daily schedule and he also deals with media and other requests.

Lucas Leitner has been a great contribution to the Thiem-Team since May 2019