The beginning of a new era! Gerard Piqué, soccer-superstar at FC Barcelona, founded a new agency taking care of athletes in all aspects. My former coach Galo Blanco takes over the tennis division at “Kosmos“, I was signed as first athlete by June 16. These are the breaking news!

I am really excited because Galo will be with me again, we worked well together before. I completely trust him, on a personal note, he is a truly great guy. We have always had a great relationship – on and off the court. I am absolutely convinced we will work together perfectly, who knows maybe this will go on beyond my career. And, of course, I am looking forward to Piqué, he knows how an athlete’s mind works. His collection of trophies is superb: World Champion, European Champion with the Spanish National Team, eight titles in La Primera Division, four-time winner of the European Champions League. I trust in his opinion and ideas. He is known for his enthusiasm for tennis, and as a representative of “Kosmos“, the owner of rights of the Davis Cup, he is in high demand.

I have spent the last couple of days on grass courts. I practiced at the courts of Gottfried Stadlhuber in Kremsmuenster, for decades he has been the only one maintaining grass courts in Austria. It was a lot of fun, it was a special experience as they are the only grass courts in Austria. The sessions were fine, the strokes have been becoming better and I feel physically topfit. However, I cannot give an exact estimate of my level – grass court tennis has its own rules.

I had two days of shooting commercials for “Bank Austria“ in Salzburg, then I left for Mallorca on Wednesday evening. Along with me are my coach Nicolas Massu, my physical therapist Alex Stober and my brother Moritz – together we will work on the fine-tuning for Wimbledon. It’s about time for a proper preparation for the “Grass-Court-Mecca“ in London.