The season´s final of the best eight players will take place in Turin for the first time. I can only participate as a fan for the first time since 2016. No doubt, that hurts. Though, my memories of the ATP Finals are way better.

In 2016 I celebrated my debut in London and my first victory at the unofficial Tennis World Championship against Gael Monfils. You will never forget something like that!

Both in 2019 and in 2020 I reached the final. However, against Stefanos Tsitsipas and against Daniil Medwedew I lost in three close sets each time. I remember lots of great moments, thrilling matches and touching emotions.

The venue moved from London to Turin, the meaning of the Masters has received more and more recognition. This tennis-highlight at the end of the year is extraordinary for all fans. I am going to watch the matches on TV, my favorites are Djokovic and Medwedew – I think these two have the best chances, it will be highly interesting.

I have been working hard on my return, with little improvements day by day. I am not going to rush into anything after this injury, however, I am looking forward to going back to my tour-life. I miss my regular tennis rhythm. Of course, the Masters 2022 would be big dream, but that’s going to be an extremely long and tough way.

I have a lot of fun with an ATP-project with role-model character. It is involved in saving our planet – we can be proud of this long term project. The climate change affects everyone, we, the professional players, can notice this first hand at all the tournaments around the world. All I can do is to encourage everybody – get involved wherever you can. Together we can achieve a lot of positive things.