Media day at Mallorca – now I have some time to describe my feelings playing on grass. But first let’s talk about the tournament. Mallorca is a wonderful island. It is a true paradise, I experienced it during my vacation here some weeks ago. The weather is fabulous, the food is sensational, and the courts are superb. At this tournament I can perfectly prepare for Wimbledon. I feel good. After my early exit in Paris I was back at my practice sessions, I have improved my strokes, I´m moving in the right direction. I had intensive sessions, many repetitions, and I worked on my footwork. I move better on the court again, which is extremely important for the game. I need to pay special tribute to my coach! Nicolas Massu has always been with me in this difficult time, he has supported me a lot, he has been totally focussed – I am proud of my coach!

My game on grass has improved but you never know how it will turn out on this surface. You may play well for two sets and still lose the match. On grass it sometimes takes a little luck, a lot depends on the service and the return as well.

My tournament schedule after Wimbledon is not settled yet, unfortunately I had to cancel my participation at the Olympic Games. After the mediocre start in 2021 I need to play for points, in addition planning for and around Tokyo was too shaky. There are simply too many unanswered questions regarding the Games, so everything will be arranged around the US-tournaments. However, I am having the Games in Paris 2024 in my mind!