It’s not an easy time. I have to wear the wrist splint for another two weeks, then I will have another MRI scan to get an update. The healing in my wrist is progressing and it is definitely going better than expected. Of course, I need to be patient and let everything heal completely. However, I somehow hope that I may be able to play the US Open. As defending champion, playing in New York would be a dream. But still, I must not be disappointed in case it won’t work out. My physical fitness should not be the problem – since the beginning of this week I have been working extremely hard on it, it is getting better.

Last Sunday I enjoyed the Formula 1 race in Spielberg. I saw a Formula 1 race for the third time and I slowly understand more and more of this sophisticated sport. The more you get into this topic, the more interesting it becomes. Everything around it is impressive. For the first time since the Australian Open I have experienced an almost regular sports event, the crowded stands looked awesome. It was an unbelievable atmosphere, which mostly the thousands of Dutch fans were responsible for. Once again everyone could see how important emotions are in sports. At the Red Bull Circuit I met Sebastian Vettel and Pierre Gasly as well as the German Timo Werner of the national soccer team. He grilled me about tennis, I countered with questions about soccer. He is a really nice and open-minded guy who is truly interested in tennis. It was a nice sports-talk which made the show in Spielberg perfect.