The world is upside down! Living two weeks in quarantine in Adelaide did not include a lot of different activities. Being at the hotel, practice sessions, treatment by physical therapist Alex Stober, ordering food for dinner…

However, since Friday we have been back to real life. Even more did I enjoy the first hours of freedom in Adelaide together with my team. We made a trip to the sea, I was strolling along the beach with my Dad Wolfgang and my brother Moritz and I particularly enjoyed breakfast having a view of the ocean. It was a sunny day, it seemed like vacation for a couple of hours…

I had some special moments during the exhibition game with Rafael Nadal. We had 5,000 spectators in the stands, it was a tennis festival the way we had not had it in a year. After the night session the night was a short one, because we had to move on to Melbourne, we arrived at the Australian “tennis-Mekka“ at two in the morning.

In the state of Victoria summer is slowly coming to an end, however, it will still be a truly hot February for us. On Tuesday Team Austria will start the ATP-Cup, the first match will be tough right away, facing Italy with top-10 player Matteo Berrettini and Fabio Fognini. This will be a true challenge to start the new season, but Dennis Novak and I have been working really hard for the last two weeks, we have made sure to complete our program. Now we are hungry for our first matches.

A week later there will be the first highlight of the 2021 season. Last year I reached the final at the Australian Open for the first time, I would like to repeat that run again this year.

There is one thing for sure: We all are looking forward to this Grand Slam classic. At the “Aussie Open“ 30,000 fans will be granted access, this means we will be returning to our world of sports we are used to. Corona is hardly an issue in Melbourne, life in town does not need strict rules. So hopefully we will face this kind of life on all continents again soon.