Welcome, my friends!

The long Corona-break did actually have some positive aspects: My new home has been built. At least virtually!

Creative access, a number of ideas and ongoing discussions – I have done a lot of work on this homepage myself, picked our brains together with my team. And now we are online. With a lot of information and up to date.

The background of this website is obvious: I share my life as a tennis-pro with my fans, offer you a peek behind the scenes. In my blogs I am going to talk about everyday life at tournaments, keep you up to date of everything related to tennis. In the part “946 questions“ I reveal a lot of secrets, for example my personal ranking of favourite athletes, analyse opponents, talk about my most beautiful places, about my non-existing cooking skills or about my time at school. Funny and true stories … . .

For more than two weeks I have been in the “bubble“ of NYC and preparing for the US Open. Everything seems weird. I commute from the hotel to the tennis center and back.To relax I have a nice room with terrace. Sometimes it feels like being locked up, however, that is part of the current situation.

The final preparation at the Cincinnati-1000 was a total disaster. The signs before this Grand Slam were different, there were a lot of questions. However, I did everything possible to have a good start into my seventh US Open. I feel very happy about winning against Jaume Munar, it‘s getting better. My head-to-head in the “Big Apple“ seems promising. I‘ve won 16 matches, the highlight was definitely reaching the quarterfinal in 2018.

Enjoy my website, come and visit me and I thank you for your unconditional support!


My terrace at my hotel during the US Open.
My terrace at my hotel during the US Open.