Finally I’m on vacation! My first Grand Slam title in New York, reaching the finals in Melbourne and at the Masters – a very successful season has come to an end. Now I am going to relax for ten days, going abroad is not possible because of the pandemic, that’s why I will spend my days at home in Austria.

No practice sessions, no appointments, and I will only turn on my cell phone for a short while – I also want to recharge the battery completely as I have big goals for 2021, even though nobody knows exactly, when we will be allowed to get started in Australia.
However, some things have been settled:

I am going to participate at the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo starting on July 23! I have been thinking about it for a longer period of time, and next year it eventually fits into my tournament schedule. And I am looking forward to it to compete for a medal. My coach Nicolas Massu won two gold medals in Athens in 2004, he told me about the incredibly wonderful emotions. I want to feel these kind of emotions myself. For an athlete the atmosphere at the Olympics must be unique, I want to soak it all up.

In addition I am going to participate at the Rod Laver Cup for the third time. From September 24 – 26 I will be part of the “Team Europe“ playing the “Team World“ in Boston. I totally like this format of tennis. On the one hand everybody is completely serious about it, everybody wants to win this trophy – on the other hand we have so much fun, the best tennis players present themselves as friends and cheer for each other. I managed to win the trophy twice with “Team Europe“, I want to win the hat-trick in 2021! The fans can also look forward to an attractive challenge, all I hope for is that we will have spectators back at the venues by September, live!